Self Belief is when you know and acknowledge that you are capable and have potential and you believe in your ability to deal with situations and opportunities… even though they may be uncomfortable or downright scary!
Its when you have faith in your ability to make good judgements.

Its when you consider the options you are presented with and make a rational decision.

Is this you ?

Or are you more likely to think to yourself…
Oh no I could never do that, Or, Im not good enough for that,
Or perhaps find yourself answering a request with ‘Oh no I cant.’

This is important because without Self Belief you are more likely to hold yourself back from reaching your full potential in your life, your business your career.
And you have amazing potential !

As women we are particularly prone to self doubt and self criticism, but did you know that this directly impacts how you feel, how you act, the decisions you make and the outcome you achieve!

The good news is that by developing your awareness you can begin to change this habit and form a new more supportive one.


When you think about your doubts and fears… where are they coming from ?

Our Limiting Beliefs and decisions often come from our childhood. So it can be helpful to acknowledge what from your childhood may have contributed to your lack of self belief, revisiting the belief or decision you made as that child with the knowledge and hindsight you have now as an adult… And let go of that old pattern.


You have many strengths and values. You have experienced successes in your life – no matter how small.
Take the time to write out your strengths and values.
Look back and acknowledge your successes, remembering how good they felt.


Imagine for a moment that there was no fear, no judgement, no failure… and that you are an amazing woman capable of doing any of the things you would love to do and achieving any of the things you wish to achieve…

Well here is the thing… YOU CAN !

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it !

Visualising what you want to achieve is a simple and effective way to connect with your future self – NOW – and bring your vision into your reality.


Moving forward your task is to focus on creating undeniable success every day.
Focus on your strengths and abilities.
Be aware of your thinking patterns – STOP the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and solutions.
Talk to yourself with encouraging and motivating language.

You see belief is an amazing thing. Scientific studies have shown how people can actually make themselves ill, or well, by belief alone.
Think of Placebo’s.
When people believe they are receiving medication to heal their condition their mind has the power to affect changes in their body… so you see

‘whether you think you can, or you think you cant – you are right’
Henry Ford

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