So what is overwhelm.

Whether you are in business and feel overwhelmed by all the tasks, or in a Profession where resources are becoming shorter and shorter, the pressures of life and business are increasing in our fast paced world and overwhelm is what we experience when we believe we have to try and juggle everything ourselves. When we feel this way it can affect our confidence, our ability to make decisions and cause us to experience anxiety and self doubt.

If you are experiencing Overwhelm perhaps you feel like you just can’t cope with everything anymore.

Like you’re not quite in control, you have no energy and you actually feel like you are going to explode or run away.

This is important to me because I have been there and I am passionate about empowering you to overcome overwhelm by creating the mindset and habits to support you physically and emotionally with the pressures in your life.

So how do you overcome the overwhelm ?


You may feel like you’re far too busy to take a break. But actually, in that moment of overwhelm when you just feel like you can’t cope and the emotions are so overwhelming … need  to step out of that space and just shift your energy. So taking a break is so important so that you can refocus and get ready to begin again….whether its five minutes to breathe or refocus, thirty minutes to take a walk and really clear your head, or time off to look after yourself.. the world will keep turning, don’t let pride get in the way of your wellbeing.


Overwhelm comes when you feel like you have to cope with everything in your mind all at once.

When you break down the tasks and look at what it is that you actually have to do, in point form, you can start to prioritise the things that you need to do….and do one thing at a time !


What are the resources that you have available to you. Are you trying to do everything all by yourself ? Delegate some tasks to someone else, outsource some tasks to a VA or someone that can do them for you, escalate things that are not your responsibility ……And also, just cut out some of the stuff that you don’t need to do……and learn to SAY NO…… With a smile

Also…and this is important….

You are a resourceful person, with skills and abilities, knowledge and experience…. You’ve dealt with this shit before and you have a 100% survival rate !


What are you thinking ? What are you saying to yourself with your selftalk ?

This is important because your thoughts and your self talk affect your emotions, how you behave, the decisions you take and the outcome you achieve !

The emotions, as we’ve talked about are those feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, discomfort, loss of control, perhaps even anger or fear.

Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “I can’t cope”…. well here’s the thing. …

If you tell yourself you can’t cope, or, this is really stressfull, your body will believe it, so it’s really important to be aware of your thoughts and to choose thoughts and self talk which support you.

Create a daily practice of setting yourself up positively for the day ahead, saying to yourself (and believing it);

‘I’m a confident, capable woman, I have the resources I need to deal with any situation’

This will shift your focus to what you CAN DO, it will foster self trust, it will shift your energy and your state and set you up with positive intention for the day ahead.


Your self care is so important to ensure you are supporting your mind and body with what they need to support you with the pressures of daily life, to ensure you have the energy and focus you need.

Relax, get enough sleep, exercise, eat a nutritious diet, laugh, meditate, be grateful for the little things x

And can I just say….be kind to yourself, you are amazing

’You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think’’

Winnie the Pooh

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