Goals give us direction… whether you have a professional goal to achieve, a business goal or a personal goal, just like in sports the goal is the thing you are aiming for.

Equally important is your why!

Why you want to achieve this goal, what it means to you, the reason behind the focus, effort and commitment you will make to achieve the goal.

So which comes first… The goal or the why ?

(feel free to disagree, argue your point of view, share your opinion)

As I consider this question back and forward in my own mind I realise its a bit like the chicken and the egg, which came first argument. So here is my view.

The Goal

The importance of having goals for yourself is this… To ensure that you are moving in the direction that you choose for your own life, because here is the thing, if you are not clear on what you want your life to look like or what you want to achieve you will end up following someone elses path.

Here are a few questions for you to ask yourself?

What are your career or business goals ?

What sort of money to you aim to earn ?

What are your plans for your personal or family life ?

What are your health and wellbeing goals ?

So if you are feeling a little frustrated that things haven’t turned out as you planned or you are a little disillusioned with life then perhaps its time to look at the goals you have (or haven’t) set for yourself in life and business.

Or perhaps you have achieved a goal which you had set for yourself and its time to level up !

Set the next goal. Keep moving forward.

‘’Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible’

Tony Robbins

Knowing that you need to make a change, move forward, refocus, level up… is your starting point, this is;-  Your Present State

The goal is what you want to do or to achieve, it’s the target that you set for yourself;,

This is known as;- The Outcome

Knowing the goal gives you direction because without the goal there is nothing to aim for.

The goal provides the end point to which your decisions and actions will lead.

With the goal in mind you can plan how to get their one step at a time;- This is The Process.

An important element of goal setting is to set long term and short term goals, this way you always have a clear action plan for your daily actions and priorities… while working toward the big picture.

The strategic amongst you will love this, but here’s the thing… for the procrastinators… goal setting is a god send… and so is your why!

So in my opinion… you have to have a goal to have a why!

Your Why

Actually what is your why ?… this is the question.

Your goal will always have a why behind it… this is about your values… Knowing this is paramount to ensuring that the actions you take to achieve your goal are in alignment with your values.

Why you actually want to achieve your goal, its meaning and its value in your life is what will give you your momentum toward successfully achieving your goal and help you to be resilient along the way.

Its important to consider that you may experience obstacles or difficulties on the road to achieving your goal, that’s life… shit happens ! 

The resources you have identified in your goal setting will help with this …..but when you are perhaps feeling a touch of self doubt along the way….its remembering your why that will give you strength.

’When you feel like quitting…think about why you started’’

Denise Welsh

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